Customs and Brokerage Services

We Make Customs Brokerage Easy

When you choose SWIFT Customs Brokerage you get outstanding service and value, guaranteed.
People still make the difference. The best technology can't do the job on its own. More than ever, it takes well trained, customer-focused people to use technology to meet the needs of their customers. SWIFT people are specially motivated, because SWIFT is a company owned and operated by its employees. We're dedicated to meeting our customers' needs. We're committed to training to ensure our people make the best use of our resources.

Guaranteed Service

A brokerage guarantee that benefits you, the importer, when SWIFT is your customs broker. Any shipment entrusted to SWIFT will be cleared in the time specified, at all times. Call SWIFT for details.

SWIFT can satisfy your shipping and brokerage requirements. We understand today's legal and regulatory import / export complexities, and offer a range of cost-effective basic and value-added customs-related services to move your shipments through customs quickly and efficiently.

Swift Connections provides you with:

  • Time defined clearance schedules which will help you plan your related work.
  • Brokerage services that are handled in-house by licensed professionals to the extent permitted by law.
  • An immediate update even when things go wrong, so that together we can find a solution.
  • Value-added capabilities such as remote-location filing, reconciliation services, customized reporting & automated document imaging

Our full range of customs brokerage services include:

  • Customs clearance
  • Pre-arrival processing
  • Duty refunds
  • Drawback claims
  • Import permit processing
  • Customs consulting
  • Export documentation
  • Non-resident importing services
  • Personal effects shipments clearance.
  • One Broker for All Your Imports

SWIFT can clear shipments arriving by any Freight or transportation company
Whether your shipments arrive by air, truck or ocean, SWIFT is the only customs broker you need.

Fast, Accurate Service

Using the “DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME - EVERYTIME” principle, SWIFT ensures that chances of error are kept to the very minimum.

Expert, Personal Attention

SWIFT offers all the resources of a large broker, with the customized, personal service of a smaller one
Your SWIFT Customs Brokerage Team ensures your needs are met consistently, accurately and efficiently, every time

Competitive Rates

Call for a quote. We MAY not be the cheapest in the market, but we certainly rate ourselves close to the top 3.

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